More About Me

NEGOTIATING is my super power.
I was awarded the 2018 and 2019 HomeLight "Top Negotiator" award,
making me top 5% in the Nation & Washington
for getting the most for my buyers and sellers. 2022 Top Agent Magazine Area Specialist

Interested in BUYING? 
You choose the property that makes your heart pound.
I provide clarity on what makes a great investment.
Together your heart and your head say,
“Yes, Yes, Yes!” when you buy AND when you sell.

Getting the most from your home or investment property is my passion. Real estate is a great wealth builder for retirement or for future generations and is often the biggest investment people make. My desire is to give you the information you need to make the best decision. I pursue excellence in what I do and stay on top of market changes and trends. My clients are referrals and repeat business, among them builders and flippers who trust me to bring expertise. When I don’t have it, they know I will refer them to people who do. The end results bring real satisfaction for you and for me.

* Time with my teen son doing archery, autocross, youtube & attempting video games.
* Outdoors adventuring at an off-grid mountain cabin.
* Mentoring young women and those new to real estate.
* TaeKwonDo Black belt and self-defense training. Hiyah!
* My favorite hobby is the next one. When ready, I move on to the next challenge.

Love the adventure of travel. I’ve been to India, Korea, Japan, China, Macao, Caribbean/Panama, Cozumel, Europe... Still want to climb Machu Pichu in Peru; Dive the great reef in Australia; Go glamping on the African Safari; Experience the Egyptian pyramids; get a massage on the beach in Thailand; & …

Ready to explore your options together? Let’s do it!